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Eco Wood Solutions recycles local wood waste into premium wood products.  We offer the highest quality products in the industry while providing prompt and dependable delivery to our customers .  Our products include: Playground Surfacing (certified fall protection material), Landscaping Mulch, Solidification Woody Mass, and Oil Field Use Products (LCM). 

This kiln-dried hardwood is 50% drier than our competitor’s products and is screened and cleaned before loaded for delivery, allowing for no dust, no fine pieces, and an easier transportation. Eco Wood Solutions product also contains no tree waste, so it is much lighter and has a higher quality in comparison to other wood products that often hold water weight. Because Eco Wood Solutions product is a dry wood, it has a decomposition rate that is twice as long as a comparable product, saving you money and time! This also means our product stays out of landfills, preserving and contributing to a sustainable environment. 

Because we strive to ensure premium quality when creating our materials, Eco Wood Solutions is the best choice for your next project!




PlayZone Certified Wood Fiber 

  • Made from 'virgin' lumber meaning that the feedstock has not been subjected to chemicals, coatings, glues, or lamination.
  • Kiln dried lumber material is processed and screened.  Unlike sawmill material our products are dirt and dust free.
  • Sold by cubic yard in bulk or bagged; Available for pickup or delivery



  • High-grade geotextile underlay fabric.
  • Sold by the roll or square foot.
  •  For more information, see our website for more Product Specifications and Playground Installation Instructions.

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Landscaping Products


  • Made of a blend of clean hardwood and pine, adding nutrients to the soil as it decays.
  • Clean, fresh look ideal for landscaping.
  • Blocks sun to existing weeds while allowing air flow around plantings.


  • Made of a blend of blue painted hardwoods and pine.

  • Most reasonably priced mulch, great for large areas and water retention.
  • Mostly clean mulch with an occasional blue speck throughout.

  • This product may include recycled grade A food quality materials.


  • Made from local cedar, dried and shredded to a fine texture for landscaping.
  • Cedars aromatic quality naturally repels insects.

Oil Field Use Products


  • Hardwood LCM- made from pine and oak material.
  • 10 Mesh Minus- made from pine and oak material.
  • Solidification materials available in varying mesh sizes depending on project requirements 

Custom blends can be made to meet your desired specifications.


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