Our proprietary standards and manufacturing process ensures that our engineered fiber meets or exceeds the impact-absorbing requirements of ASTM 1292 and ASTM F2075 as required by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.


PlayZone Certified Wood Fiber


Wood Fiber

  • Made from 'virgin' lumber meaning that the feedstock has not been subjected to chemicals, coatings, glues, or lamination.

  • Kiln dried lumber material is processed and screened. Unlike sawmill material our products are dirt and dust free.

  • Sold by cubic yard in bulk or bagged; Available for pickup or delivery.


  • High-grade geotextile underlay fabric

  • Sold by the roll or square foot

For more information, see our Product Specifications and Playground Installation Instruction documents.





White Wood Mulch:

  • Made of a blend of clean hardwood and pine, adding nutrients to the soil as it decays.

  • Blocks sun to existing weeds while allowing air flow around plantings.

  • Clean, fresh look ideal for landscaping.

B Quality Blue Chip Mulch:

  • Made of a blend of blue painted hardwoods, pine and ash.

  • Mostly clean mulch with an occasional blue speck throughout.

  • Most reasonably priced mulch, great for large areas and water retention.

  • This product may include recycled grade A food quality materials.





  • Hardwood LCM- made from pine and oak material.

  • Pine Flour- Flour grade of pine wood fiber.

  • 30 Mesh Minus- made from pine and oak material.