Landscaping Products


White Wood Mulch:

  • Made of a blend of clean hardwood and pine, adding nutrients to the soil as it decays.
  • Blocks sun to existing weeds while allowing air flow around plantings.
  • Clean, fresh look ideal for landscaping.

Cedar Mulch:

  • Made from local cedar, dried and shredded to a fine texture for landscaping.
  • Decays slower than hardwood mulch.
  • Cedars shredded texture causes it to mat together. This blocks the sun to existing weeds, prevents germination of new weeds, and is not easily be washed away by wind or rain.
  • Cedars aromatic quality naturally repels insects.
  • Call first for availability.

Blue Chip Mulch:

  • Made of a blend of blue painted hardwoods and pine.
  • Mostly clean mulch with an occasional blue speck throughout.
  • Most reasonably priced mulch, great for large areas and water retention.