Play Green. Plant Green. Live Green.


 Eco Wood Solutions recycles local wood waste into premium wood products.  We offer the highest quality products in the industry while providing prompt and dependable delivery to our customers .  Our products include: Playground Surfacing (certified fall protection material), Landscaping Mulch, Solidification woody mass, and Oil Field Use Products (LCM). 

We only use kiln dried products that are screened and cleaned before loaded for delivery, allowing for no dust, no fine pieces, and an easier transportation. Eco Wood Solutions product also contains no tree waste, so it is much lighter and has a higher quality in comparison to other wood products that often hold water weight. Because Eco Wood Solutions product is a dry wood, it has a decomposition rate that is twice as long as a comparable product, saving you money and time! This also means our product stays out of landfills, preserving and contributing to a sustainable environment. 

Because we strive to ensure premium quality when creating our materials, Eco Wood Soltutions is the best choice for your next project!